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March 18, 2019

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Facebook users unleash mass humor to find woman's boyfriend at Epcot
JK Rowling faces backlash over Dumbledore/Grindelwald gay relationship
William H. Macy's and Lori Loughlin's comments about daughters resurface
Dog and pig looking for new homes after being abandoned
Apple unveils new iPad Air and iPad mini
Asian airlines named cleanest in world in Skytrax survey
Dead whale found with 40 kg of plastic bags in stomach
Nonprofit helps homeless people record messages for loved ones
Lambs born from world's oldest stored semen
Photo of firefighter carrying elderly woman up stairs captures hearts
Nashville police looking for ATV driver who dragged officer
90-year-old Japanese scientist dreams of resurrecting woolly mammoth
Kim Kardashian tried to pay former prisoner's rent, but he was denied
Indianapolis children's museum removes Michael Jackson's hat, gloves
Who wants to be a half-billionaire?
Before you play in an office lottery pool, read this
Black editor at paper that urged Klan to ‘ride again' steps down
Blind runner, guide dog trio makes history in NYC Half Marathon
Brigade of beagles helps US save billions at busiest airports


Floodwaters turn deadly in Midwest
Aerials show Texas petrochemical plant fire
Indian newlyweds' dreams die in Christchurch
Small film makes big impact at box office
ATVs wreak havoc on Nashville streets
Man arrested in NY killing of reputed crime boss
Make your own 'Captain Marvel' mixtape
New Zealand mourning losses after shootings


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