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May 24, 2019

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Best Buy cancels pre-orders for the Samsung Galaxy Fold
Academics say Leonardo da Vinci had ADHD
Helicopter does amazing tricks over Statue of Liberty
Cheryl Burke marries Matthew Lawrence
Jennifer Garner's guidelines to a good life? Dress like a mailbox
Join rideshare to Great Barrier Reef with scUber
Disney will pay for its workers to attend college
FDA wants to change confusing food expiration labels
Sip a pint while naked at this London pub
Southern city fighting food deserts with forest of free produce
The Verve singer finally secures 'Bitter Sweet Symphony' royalties
Man says an intruder broke into his house, cleaned it and left
Howard Stern: Trump's candidacy for president was a 'publicity stunt'
Man's missing mom buried in backyard as he collected benefits
Wrangler catching heat for partnership with Lil Nas X
This could become the most valuable Porsche ever sold
Mile-wide asteroid will swing close to Earth this weekend
Mister Rogers' honored with '143 Day' in Pennsylvania
How are the dogs from that wild high-speed RV chase in LA doing?


450-acre wildfire shuts down part of I-95 in Florida
Health Minute: Move that meeting outside
Britain's Theresa May resigns: Who's responsible?
Doctored video of Pelosi spread across social media
Severe weather still threatens central US
Man's home collapses into river
Jefferson City beat but not broken by tornado
Students call for gun control measures
SpaceX Starlink successfully launches
Jellyfish carrying paralysis toxins discovered
New Harriet Tubman mural debuts at museum
Time lapse: Loose barge hits dam, goes underwater
Trump: I'm an ‘extremely stable genius'


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