Jeezy's Weather Channel forecast predicts a high chance of snow

Rapper promotes his new album

ATLANTA (CNN) - Atlanta has a new meteorologist, and he's predicting a high chance of snow. In Atlanta. In August.

The Atlanta-based rapper Jeezy, aka the Snowman, made a guest appearance on the Weather Channel, also located in Atlanta, on Friday to promote his new album, "TM104: The Legend of the Snowman."

As he informed the city's residents about the high temperatures expected Friday evening, he made a plug for his latest release.

"... Around that time it's going to get to snowing because my album is in the streets and I am the snowman, Atlanta, Georgia. Thank you all for watching," he said.

For the uninitiated, Jeezy isn't called the Snowman because he has an affinity for winter landscapes.

The nickname is a coded reference to the rapper's self-admitted past as a cocaine dealer.

Jeezy started sporting the logo of an angry snowman, with downward-slanted eyebrows and a straight line for a mouth, as he was emerging as a star in mainstream hip-hop in 2005.

He wore a snowman medallion on his mixtape "Trap or Die," released in January of that year. Soon enough, people were calling him "Snowman."

In a campaign to broaden Jeezy's appeal outside the South, former Def Jam marketing director Ashaunna Ayars told Genius that she sketched a version of the snowman to be printed onto T-shirts. As Jeezy's popularity soared, so did the demand for the T-shirts, inspiring copious bootleg versions as well as bans in schools across the country.

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