Chris Evans apologizes for missing 'Avengers' premiere

Evans on Broadway in 'Lobby Hero'

(CNN) - Chris Evans had a good reason for missing this week's "Avengers: Infinity War" premiere, but fans weren't happy about it.

There was some social media teasing about Evans, who portrays Captain America, not hitting the red carpet with some of his fellow costars.

"CHRIS EVANS LOOKED SO GOOD TONIGHT," one person tweeted a picture of an empty red carpet, which was actually purple, from the global premiere held Monday in Los Angeles.

Evans had a good excuse, however.

He's currently starring on Broadway in "Lobby Hero."

Evans tweeted an apology to his followers on Tuesday.

"So sorry I couldn't be at the premiere last night!," the tweet read. "I really wanted to, but my theater schudele (sic) wouldn't allow."

He also offered up plenty of support for the project.

"From what I gather, it was an amazing night and I couldn't be more proud of @Russo_Brothers and everyone at @MarvelStudios for knocking ANOTHER one out of the park," he wrote.

"Avengers: Infinity War" opens in theaters Friday.

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